AMT was created in 1993 by the three McCallum-Toppin brothers. When Alistair arrived in Oxford from Seattle in 1993, he could not find a real espresso-based coffee anywhere. Alistair asked his two brothers Angus and Allan to join him in creating a new, unique, top quality coffee company which they would name after their initials.

As back then coffee as we now know it was not part of every day life, their business struggled. Regardless, the brothers fought passionately to keep their dream alive, believing that one day AMT Coffee would succeed as they knew they were serving the best cup of coffee in the UK.

In 1994 AMT’s first rail site opened (their third site in Oxford) and was an instant success as for the first time, commuters could enjoy gourmet coffee at affordable prices, served quickly and with a smile.

Two decades on and now based in Knightsbridge, AMT Coffee individually makes the same delicious double espresso coffee, with the exception that now, we do it for tens of thousands of people, every single day through 450 fantastic, customer-driven employees.

Welcome to AMT Coffee