With our ‘One Planet an One Life’ message on our christmas cup this year, we’re proud to be supporting Sea Shepherd. A non-profit charity group of passionate protectors of our oceans, whales and all other marine life that make up our eco-system which we heavily rely on worldwide. With the world’s largest navy, they are taking direct action in safe guarding biodiversity as well as educating the public about the causes of habitat destruction and what we can do about it as individuals.


They regularly educate people about the damage plastics have on our oceans too, hence the importance of our message in switching to plant-based products. If you would like to learn more about them or donate, please visit seashepherd.org.uk


By choosing to buy your coffee from AMT, you are helping us lead the way in reducing our reliance on plastics. The time for change is now, we only have ‘One Planet and One Life’.