In celebration of our 25 year anniversary, we have revamped our original Oxford Cornmarket coffee bar outside of St. Michael’s Church in Ship Street. Showing off a brand new fascia and updated modern design, together with new furnishings in the seating area for our customers to relax and enjoy.

Returning to one our of most iconic high street coffee bars in the UK, located in the historical city of Oxford was where AMT Coffee all began. In 1993, Founder and MD Alistair McCallum-Toppin, together with his two brothers, Angus & Allan, started serving quality coffee on the go to the public.

“Having spent several years in Seattle where real coffee had become a part of daily life, when I arrived in the historic city of Oxford in 1993, it was a shock that I wasn’t able to find a decent cup of coffee. It was then that I asked my two brothers, Angus and Allan to join me to create a unique, quality coffee company named after all of our initials – AMT.

Oxford was the natural place to start our company as it was where we were studying and living at the time. Despite the fact that we had very little, we never gave up on our passion for success which us to build and start a coffee cart outside the Westgate Shopping centre.

We also set out to grow the business and in 1994, through hard work and dedication, we successfully launched our Oxford train station bar where things really took off. Soon thereafter, Oxford’s commuters finally discovered how real quality coffee should smell, look and taste.”

– Alistair McCallum-Toppin


– The very first AMT Coffee cart in Oxford 1993 –

– AMT Coffee Oxford Cornmarket before reopening  –

We want to say a big thank you to our customers, landlords and site staff for helping us make AMT Coffee the brand it is today. We’ve come a long way  but our mission has not changed, and that is to serve great coffee, quickly and with a smile. No different than 25 years ago, we are continuing to grow and innovate every day, for our customers. Stay tuned for more really exciting news yet to come.  We hope you enjoy.