We know every penny counts so we’ve lowered the price of our signature Coffee to just £2, so you can enjoy your daily fix with some extra change! Don’t forget we don’t charge extra for our plant based milk options as well. Our coffee recipe has not changed, we still serve pure double Fair-trade espresso in our standard 12oz cup.

Although over the years we have absorbed many of the rising costs in the retail sector, we have also made some price adjustments which we hope our customers will find compare favourably and prove that AMT Coffee are ahead where it really counts.

  • We only serve coffee in 100% biocompostable cups and lids and were the first to introduce this to our customers. These are at a premium cost vs. the standard recyclable cup but we do not believe our customers should be absorbing any of those costs because it’s the right thing to do.
  • As a British and Irish company we 100% of our taxes.
  • We do not charge extra for plant base milk options. This is also at a premium costs vs. standard cow’s milk.
  • We remain a 100% Fairtrade coffee company and have been since 2004.

We hope our customers agree that our prices still remain good value for money against larger coffee brands and that our quality, speed and ethics keep AMT Coffee as their preferred choice.


Thank you choosing us.