We can finally announce the brand new launch of our refreshed food menu available in all our bars in the UK and Ireland.

Our team has worked long and hard sourcing the best recipes and top-quality premium ingredients to ensure we deliver the best products that are both delicious and healthy.

We’ve kept our classic sandwiches with improved recipes. Choose from Classic BLT, New Yorker, Chicken Salad and Egg & Mayo (hospitals only), freshly handcrafted with poppy seed bread a perfect companion with the best cup of coffee in the UK and Ireland. You can also enjoy our innovative Tuna Jalapeño Focaccia, an AMT unique recipe, filled  with emmental cheese and crispy salad.

Those looking for more choice should try our Ham & Cheese Croque and Mozzarella & Sundried Tomato Ciabatta, grilled to order. We’re also thrilled to offer a vegan Falafel & Houmous wrap made of crispy falafels, zesty houmous and fresh vegetables mixed with spicy harissa chilli paste, all wrapped in a tomato tortiIlla.

Don’t miss our customer’s favourite Chicken Caesar Salad, with crispy mixed salad leaves topped with grilled chicken, croutons, shaved parmesan and

garlic Caesar dressing. Joining our healthy food  range we have Tuna Salad, as well as a selection of protein pots Carrot & Houmous, Cucumber & Houmous and Egg & Spinach to fuel your day!

We have also introduced a selection of items exclusive to AMT Coffee Ireland. For a morning pick me up, we have a Breakfast Croque, handcrafted with delicious sausages, sweet cure bacon and onion marmalade, topped with hash browns, bechamel, cheddar and mozzarella — the perfect start to your day. We also have a traditional Breakfast Blaa, filled with tasty sausage, sweet cure bacon, omelette and Ballymaloe relish, which is sure to leave you satisfied!

Come and try our handcrafted Ploughman’s sandwich, a humble classic made with the finest cheese from the West Country, Irish relish, free range eggs and creamy mayo, making it the perfect choice for lunch. For those who are looking for more choice, try our Chicken Stuffing sandwich, made with Irish chicken and free range mayo.