At AMT Coffee we strive to do everything we can to reduce the impact on the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.  We believe in doing our part in contributing to the green movement to making this planet a more environmentally friendly place.

Our mission is to lead the change in ethical retail in becoming plastic free and so over the past few years, have worked tirelessly in finding the best and most impactful sustainable solution for single use products. Providing an end-to-end solution is the first step on the road to making the planet a better place for all of us. This is why we’ve chosen to replace as well as recycle single use items in the fight to ultimately become zero waste to tackle climate change.

Leading the change, we were the first national coffee company in the UK to introduce Fairtrade coffee, only serve organic milk as standard and are the only retailer to be accredited with the Fair Tax Mark.

We will continue to lead the change in the coffee market with the proud introduction of biocompostable cups and lids in all of our bars. This revolutionary raw material made from crop waste is 100% plant-based that breaks down within 1 year.  This is fully biocompostable into biomass, CO2 and water through a natural process that leaves no toxic by-products.  Using crop waste also ensures no wastage of the actual crop itself.

Over 2.5 billion cups are used and disposed of in the UK every year, of which less than 1% is actually recycled as a result of the use of plastic lining inside the cups.

The new 12oz biocompostable AMT cups and lids are lined with BioPBS (recycled crop waste) which breaks down entirely in ambient temperatures vs. regular coffee cups which are lined with polyethylene (PLA) or plastic (PE). Reducing environmental damage one cup (and lid) at a time, in the lead to a more long-term sustainable and greener future.

We’ve also switched our cutlery, napkins, straws and yoghurt pots to either biocompostable or recyclable materials.

Alistair McCallum-Toppin, A Founder and Managing Director of AMT Coffee says:

“It has taken years of research and development to source a fully biocompostable coffee cup and lid. Thanks to new green focused technology and our demand for change, we are delighted to introduce our new 100% biocompostable coffee cups and lids across all AMT Coffee bars. These are made from a 100% plant based natural material –  crop waste; which decomposes entirely within one year.

We are also excited to be the first to make this important, green improvement to our cups and lids this Christmas.  Alongside the festive message, this year we wanted to make a serious statement about the importance of making the change for our blue planet and all who depend on it. We only hope others will follow.

We were the first national, independent coffee Company to introduce Fairtrade coffee which, for good reason, costs twice as much, and thereafter only serve organic milk which again, for good reason, carries a premium.  We were also recently the first coffee retailer to be accredited with the Fair Tax Mark, which confirms we are transparent in all tax matters.

We have always kept challenging ourselves and implemented bold initiatives to protect and support what we believed was right, for our customers and our landlords, so we are pleased to lead the way yet again with these new cups and lids. We hope that that our message is heard loud and clear this Christmas and the New Year by both our customers and competitors, who would have a far bigger impact than we will, if they help us make the change.”