Organic Milk

In the UK, we made the bold move of solely supporting organic milk by serving it as standard, regardless of the fact that it costs 20% more.

Our reason: it is a proven fact that organic milk is better for the animals that produce it, our environment and therefore clearly better for our customers who consume it.

Many people do not know that organic milk contains no hormones, antibiotics or harmful pesticides. In fact, on average, organic milk is 50% higher in vitamin E, 75% higher in vitamin A and two to three times higher in antioxidants than non-organic milk, all of which ensures that our customers receive the best quality and healthiest milk possible.

As dairy cows are allowed to graze naturally, raise their young and live their lives in herds and in comfort, they live longer more natural lives. By choosing organic milk, you are also supporting organic farmers like and ultimately the welfare of their animals.

At AMT Coffee we do not charge our customers the extra cost of Organic Milk.

 ‘Impressed with AMT Coffee – great taste, 100% British, 100% fair trade, 100% organic milk & 100% taxes paid’AMT Customer feedback from Twitter