Built in Britain

Like our company, our bars are designed and built of the finest quality, natural materials like marble, real wood and bronze in Britain. We employ over 450 people throughout the UK (and Ireland)

Fair Tax – Our Contribution

We believe that all profitable companies should pay their fair share of tax and we believe that they should try and keep their profits in the country they are making them in, to help the economy of the people who purchased their products and ultimately, may have made these companies profitable in the first place. Read more here.

Fairtrade for a Decade!

AMT Coffee was the first national coffee company to support Fairtrade.

Each and every one of our coffees is individually made using a double shot of pure, unique Fairtrade espresso. Fairtrade for coffee farmers is about fair prices, decent working conditions, long term sustainability and fair terms of trade in the developing countries that produce this second largest traded commodity in the world.

At AMT we are as passionate about our coffee as we are about ensuring that the people who work hard to produce it receive fair prices and stability (especially for unexpected fluctuations such as the impact of severe weather) for the outstanding coffee, on which we have learnt to heavily rely.

Understandably, although Fairtrade coffee costs twice as much, at AMT Coffee we do not charge our customers the extra cost.

This ground (& nerve) breaking move, was originally initiated by our customers.

Herbal AM’Tea®

All our herbal infusions are organic. This means that they are certified as grown without the use of most kinds of pesticides, fertilisers, soil amendments and other compounds. This is better for the environment, the farmers and for our customers.