We believe that all profitable companies should pay their fair share of tax and we believe that they should try to keep profits in the country in which they are being generated. We believe that in paying their fair share of tax companies help the economy of the people who purchased their products and ultimately may have made these companies profitable in the first place.


AMT’s tax status


AMT Coffee’s mission is to serve the best cup of coffee, quickly and with a smile. We operate from locations in the UK and Republic of Ireland.


We operate our business through a single corporate entity: AMT Coffee Limited. AMT Coffee Limited is a UK incorporated company. Our Irish business operates as a branch of the UK entity and is tax registered as a branch in the Republic of Ireland.


Where the tax note in our Annual report and financial statements refers to ‘double taxation relief’, ‘foreign tax’ and ‘foreign PE adjustment’, this relates exclusively to the Republic of Ireland.


AMT’s tax policy


Our business pays tax in the UK in relation to the profits attributable to the UK business and tax in the Republic of Ireland in relation to the profits of the Irish business.


Our policy towards taxation is to always pay our fair share of taxes in the territories within which we conduct our trade and to remain transparent in our dealings with all of the relevant tax authorities.


We do not make use of tax havens or abusive tax avoidance schemes.


The company remains compliant with this policy.