The first and 25+ years on, still the best!

At AMT Coffee we are a private, 100% British, quality and genuinely customer driven coffee company.

Each and every drink is individually made to our customers’ preference, with a double shot of our pure & unique espresso and we serve it quickly with a smile®.  Our coffee is Fairtrade and our milk is Organic (without charging extra).

We also individually make delicious hot chocolates, Steamers®, smoothies, chillers & milkshakes. We have a fantastic range of Viennoisserie pastries, gourmet muffins, delicious brownies and snacks like all butter shortbread as well as an excellent range of fresh gourmet soup, sandwiches and grilled to order toasties & paninis.  We also provide fresh fruit, muesli, yogurts and made to order porridge as well.

All of which is provided from our unique, compact yet flexible coffee bars (a concept we were the first to introduce to the UK), in busy locations around the country. We are also well recognised for our unique, top quality sit in shops where we serve a bigger range of gourmet complimentary products.

After 3 years designing our new real bronze, marble and dark wood REvo® image, we are well placed to advance our development, with like minded landlords in a mutually beneficial way!

Welcome to AMT Coffee – enjoy.


 ‘I could not have asked for a better service! Excellent drink made quickly with a polite attitude. Thank you.’